YCL-307 One Slot Charging One Slot AUX Special Design USB Port DC 12V USB Single Charge Outlet Charging Smartphones for Toyota

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1. USB interface can be connected to a dedicated switch hole on the instrument desk of cars.
2. Special design, easy installation.
3. This item adopt double slots USB charging connector.
4. USB interface for charging smartphones, iPhone and other charges.(No additional USB interface).

Powered USB Interface
1. Input voltage: DC 12V.
2. Output voltage: DC 5V.
3. Maximum voltage and current: 2.1A / 5V.
4. Maximum flow dissipation: 0.6A.
5. Fuse: 1A/12V(Can not be replaced).
6. Installation tools: forceps, gloves, to extend the line(0.5 sq above), insulating tape, etc.

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