YS-3 Universal 18650 26650 Smart LCD Dual Battery Charger with Micro USB Output for 18490/18350/17670/17500/16340 RCR123/14500/10440/A/AA/AAA


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1. Input: 5V 1-2A.
2. Output: Lithium-ion battery: 600mA x 2 when 1A; 1000mA x 2 when 2A. NiMH/NiCd battery: 450mA x 2.
3. Material: shell frosted ABS, contact point manganese steel.
4. Packing list: charger + data cable + manual + color box packaging.
5. USB design can be plugged into mobile phone chargers, mobile power computers and other USB ports for convenient and fast charging, not limited to ordinary socket charging.
6. Built-in intelligent protection circuit chip, effectively prevent overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent and overheat, short circuit protection, both insulation, heat, pressure, wear and other characteristics, built-in battery reverse connection protection function, the corresponding battery frame after battery reverse connection Flashing prompt.
7. Built-in high-definition LCD display can display the charging process of the battery.
8. The smart chip can automatically identify the corresponding charging mode for lithium ion/NiMH/NiCd battery selection.

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