YWXLight 200ml 2W Projection Humidifier Night Light (Gold)

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1. It can effectively increase indoor humidity and moisturize dry air.
2. Fine workmanship and beautiful prospects.
3. Use as skin care to keep your skin healthy and moist.
4. Whether it is summer or winter, dry the air in the room, refresh the air quality of our breathing, and adjust the room temperature.
5. There are two appearance options, one is a gold appearance and the other is a silver appearance. After the product highlights, there is a color change mode to create a romantic and warm atmosphere.

1. Power: 2 watts
2. Mini voltage: 5V
3. Light source color: RGB
4. Light type: LED night light, USB light
5. Power: USB charging
6. Connector type: USB
7. Features: Discoloration
8. Color temperature or wavelength: RGB (blue: 435-450 nm, green: 492-577 nm, red: 622-760 nm)
9. packing list: 1 x humidifier night light

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