YWXLight 5m 600LEDs 2835 SMD LED Neon Light Flexible DIP IP67 Waterproof Rope Light 2 Wires, AC 220-240V (Green Light)


CHF 28.30
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1. The guide plate is made of pure copper, good electrical conductivity, anti-oxidation lasting stability.
2. The wire is made of pure copper,thermostability,anti-corrosion,Safe and secure.
3. The strip can be freely bent, protect the current, enhance the life.
4. The use of flame-retardant soft, high transmittance.
5. Waterproof Grade:IP67
6. Color BIN:Green/Yellow/Red/Blue
7. Chip Type:3528 SMD
8. Total Emitters:300 LED
9. Actual Lumens:3450-3550 LM

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