YWXLight Retro Creative Angel Unique Glass Mosaic Lampshade Table Lamp Living Room Dining Room Bedroom Personality Decorative Light (EU Plug)

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1. Shade size: W50CM H20CM
2. Table lamp size: W50CM H81CM
3. Lamp specifications: E27×3
4. Power: 7W × 3
5. Specifications: US plug (110V), UK plug (220V), EU plug (220V)
6. Outer box size: two pieces of packaging: lampshade 58CM*58CM*35CM base: 68CM*34CM*29.5CM
7. Default switch: online button switch
8. Shade material: stained glass
9. Base material: resin base
10. Suitable for light source: button switch: incandescent bulb, energy-saving bulb, LED light,
11. Applicable places: hotels, bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.
10. Weld: Soldering iron high temperature soldering, hand-made glass lampshade elegant and elegant, soft lighting, warm and comfortable. 11. It inherits the classic taste of life, exquisite and simple craftsmanship. This is not simple. Any detail is a unique collection of art.
12. Packing:
1 × Table Lamp
3 × Bulbs

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