YWXLight UK Plug 5M 300 LEDs SMD 2835 Waterproof RGB LED Light Bar Strip 24Key Remote Control


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1.Bright and High Quality 2835 SMD LED Long Life > 50000 Hours
2.Excellent Luminescence Efficiency, Low Temperature and Low Power Consumption
3.Easy to install with self-adhesive tape
4.Cutting line can be cut according to your requirement
5.Environmentally friendly: no radiation, no flicker, no pollution to human body and environment, safe and stable.
6.Rated Voltage: DC 12V
7.Color: RGB
8.Chip Type: 2835 SMD
9.Number of Lamps: 300 LEDs
10. Length: 5 Meters
11.Viewing Angle: 120°
12.Waterproof Rating: IP65
13.Packing List: 1x2835RGB lamp bar,1 x 24 key remote control,1x2A adapter

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