YWXLLight US Plug Waterproof Led Strip Lights SMD 2835 5M 300leds 60leds/m White Flexible Lighting Tape Lights (Cold white)


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1. decorate your life with this beautiful LED strip! !
2. Kitchen, living room, bedroom decor and efficient lighting.
3. can be cut and adhesive. Imagine you can design the light bar you want.
4. The lamp bar lamp is durable, low in energy consumption and good in heat dissipation. Suitable for use in home, outdoor, and party.

✧ Rated Voltage:DC 12V
✧ Chip Type:2835 SMD
✧ Total Emitters:300 LED
✧ Strip length: 5m
✧ Specifications: US Plug
✧ Light color: Cold white , Warm white , Blue , Green , Red
✧ Viewing angle: 120°
✧ Level : Waterproof
✧ Packing list: LED Strip Light
✧ Packing list: 1*Non-Waterproof 2835 led strip
1*12V 2A power adapter
1*Female connector

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