Z06 Fashion Smart Sports Watch, 1.3 inch Full Touch Screen, 5 Dials Change, IP67 Waterproof, Support Heart Rate / Blood Pressure Monitoring / Sleep Monitoring / Sedentary Reminder (Black Grey)

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1. Fashion smart watch, enjoy the fashion life.
2. Meet your daily business, leisure sports and other life scenes, a variety of straps to easily change, feel free to take.
3. Full round screen touch, free to operate every corner.
4. A variety of different dials, different dials in different scenes, with your own fashion style.
5. IP67 waterproof and dustproof, wash hands, rain, can be used normally, not afraid of water, accompany you to go further.
6. Automatically monitor data on movement steps, calorie consumption, distance, etc., and record every moment of your movement.
7. Multiple sports modes, provide data in real time.
8. A smarter, more accurate heart rate monitor that monitors and alerts your heart rate anytime, anywhere, allowing you to understand your health and enjoy a healthier life.
9. Different from other similar products, it can realize a variety of data monitoring, and can directly view various historical data on the watch, paying attention to its own health and more convenient.
10. Built-in multiple smart features to facilitate your life, be your portable assistant.
11. Remote photography, when the phone is connected to the watch, you can take a remote photo of the phone and record your moments.
12. Sedentary reminder, set the sedentary reminder function, when you are sitting for a long time, you will be reminded by vibration to get up and relax and recharge yourself.
13. RAM 64KB + ROM 512KB.
14. Bluetooth version: 4.0.
15. Battery capacity: 200mAh.
16. Support system: iOS 8.0 above, Android 4.4 above.
17. Bottom shell: ABS+PC.
18. Front shell: zinc alloy+glass.
19. Strap material: silicone+leather.

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