ZEALOT S8 3D Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Subwoofer Column Portable Touch Control AUX TF Card Playback Handsfree with Mic

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Product specifications:
1. Waterproof: No
2. Communication: AUX, Bluetooth
3. Support APP: Yes
4. Speaker material: metal; carabiner material: metal
5. Support memory card: yes
6. Built-in microphone: yes
7. Cross audio: two-way
8. Voice control: No
9. Play function: MP3, other
10. Support Aptx: Yes
11. Output power: 10W
12. Channel: 3 (2.1)
13. Frequency range: 80Hz-20KHz
14. WiFi music: APP
15. Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0
16. Bluetooth protocol: HFP, HSP, AVRCP, APTX
17. Battery capacity: 4000mAh lithium battery
18. Talk time: 20 hours
19. Playing time: 20 hours
20. Charging time: 8 hours
21. Product size: 170mm x 72mm x 72mm
22. Net weight: 423g

1. Bluetooth 4.0 chipset stable signal transmission, powerful audio decoding, 10 meters operating distance, excellent compatibility, suitable for all electronic devices that support Bluetooth, including smart phones, smart TVs, laptops, MP3, etc.
2. Integrate a sensitive touch control panel, song switch, play mode switch, volume control, play/pause
3. Dual high-definition speaker driver units, 2.0-channel 360-degree surround strong bass and stereo HiFi sound effects.
4. Support AUX line output music play mode, use standard 3.5mm audio cable to connect the speaker to mobile phone or tablet to play music even if your device does not have Bluetooth function, it can also be used as a wired speaker
5. Built-in Micro SD card slot, support TF card play mode, insert TF card with downloaded songs to play music, support MP3/WMA format songs
6. The speaker has a built-in 4000mAh super-capacity lithium battery, long standby and use time, talk time/play time up to 20 hours
7. Speaker with USB charging port, 4000mAh battery can be used as a power bank for mobile phone charging
8. Noise reduction function supports HD Talking, built-in sensitive high-definition microphone, hands-free support, even when playing music or driving, you can answer incoming calls
9. The APP has built-in cloud radio stations, including variety shows, online music, news, sports channels, etc. The APP also has a pedometer function

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